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About Us

Humans have always needed history, mythology, music and adventure to develop the cultural economies of their communities.


ALT seeks to apply our knowledge of 21st century creative tools to these ancient pursuits. ALT uses the latest technology to design programming for US Public Humanities and Folklore organizations, including museums, schools, libraries, theaters, caves, parks, and community centers of power based on the art and science of folklore. ​

Since summer of 2017, ALT has been designing live shows, digital projects, field study and documentaries, and building relationships with core community partners across North America, and developing archival projects that support, document, and preserve local culture. ALT asks the question: What are the living legends passed between folks within the living communities of the United States?

And can they be used to discover more about our past, present and future?


ALT, as part of our mission to coordinate and support folklore and cultural documentation throughout the United States, interviews fishermen, forest workers, cowboys and coal miners, business owners, brand strategists, startup founders, folklorists, musicians and more who have storied the lands they occupy in various ways. In the process, we discover the various ways in which these groups articulate their vision for a local future. 

We hope the ALT website will be a place built to organize and help all folklorists emphasize public and independent folklore scholarship. As ALT grows, we hope to provide training for writing for the public, journalism, freelance work, documentary work, practicing musicians, writers, artists, craftworkers, direct opportunities towards cooperation with archives, libraries, and other stewardship, and pay students to write, research, document, photograph, etc. 


You can see our current initiatives on our map.  

All fieldwork work is archived and provided to community collaborators. We are in process in creating a public archive.

Check back soon!

Trevor Jones, Jac Berhnard, Allison Boenig,

Thomas Hedlund, and Jake Rosenberg

Salt Water People, Long Island, NY,

November, 2019

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Our Team:


Jake Rosenberg and Mackenzie Kwok,

Lost Highways, San Luis Valley, CO

August, 2021

Jake Rosenberg - Producer - Special Projects:

Mackenzie Kwok - Head Folklorist

Elayne LeTraunik - Community Outreach Coordinator

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