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The Lore:

On November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette, told police they saw a large grey creature whose eyes "glowed red" when the car's headlights picked it up. They described it as a "large flying man with ten-foot wings", following their car while they were driving in an area outside of town known as "the TNT area", the site of a former World War II munitions plant.


This creature would be seen throughout the next thirteen months in Point Pleasant, and it was estimated that there were over 100 sightings within this time, though these are unidentifiable reports and the actual number of reported sightings may be quite lower. Mothman witnesses were also harassed by the Men In Black who wanted them not to speak about the creature. The strange sightings all seemed to culminate in the collapse of The Silver Bridge on December 15th, 1967. Some believe that the Mothman heralds impending disasters...



ALT in collaboration with Greenbriar Valley Brewing Co., The College of Davis and Elkins, Carnegie Hall in West Virginia,  and various community partners is producing a new production of Mothman, a new musical experience exploring the classic folklore of the Point Pleasant "Mothman" sightings of 1969, which we will develop, broadcast and tour across West Virginia in the fall of 2022.

We hope that this "Mothman Trail" will kindle cultural resources in the folkloric phenomenon of Cryptozoology to ignite artists and audiences across West Virginia!

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