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Factory Obscura

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The Lore:


Once upon a time, Oklahoma City made cars. And making cars made Oklahoma City. It wasn't enough to build them. Folx wanted to sing about them too. Whether labor songs, protest songs, or the now famous Midcentury Industrial Musicals, each song connected to the auto industry sang just one note: Optimism. And it all happened in Factories.


Today cars aren't made in factories...they're built and paraded

through the the largest art car parade in the world, every spring in Houston. And today another Oklahoma City Factory makes music..And another Oklahoma City Factory can make cars... 

ALT is proud to connect with our first immersive art collective, Factory Obscura, to bring to life a new experience exploring the unique industrial living traditions of Oklahoma City in a bold new way!






This year, ALT will be presenting "CARTUNE", an immersive car factory/collective industrial musical by ALT and Factory Obscura. The piece will be an immersive collaborative musical art puzzle in a factory po-mo style designed to coincide with  theHouston Art car Parade in 2023, bringing in the Factory Obscura Musical Network, Auto Unions, Route 66 orgs, the industrial musical community and fanbase, the immersive experience community, the art car communities of Houston and even the auto manufacturing companies ourselves! Join us on this journey, stay tuned for updates and watch out! A Car is Born, Spring '23!

Read about our partner here:

Alt's Partnership:

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We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to preserve, protect and perform folklore. Please join with us!

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