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"BAC" to Brooklyn

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The Lore:

As the Pandemic raged across NYC, the US government issued a series of aid grants to NYC cultural organizations to craft programs that healed communities. ALT was called upon by the Brooklyn Arts Council to brand and design a series of Sonic Clinics that utilized the healing power of folkloric traditions


BAC Sonic Clinic: A Sound Wellness Neighborhood Clinic is a cross-cultural musical healing experience. Sonic Clinic explores the healing traditions of music and sounds from around the world. The sounds presented in this project are culturally specific, multiethnic, and transcultural; they can be instrumental or embedded within the nuance of performance (the body). Each element of Sonic Clinic constructs a different paradigm of healing through the use of sounds from different cultural traditions and is intended to be an exploration of healing techniques.


For each BAC Artist we proposed developing both live and recorded marketing materials, in the forms of live curated conversations on Clubhouse, Discord, Twitch, Youtube, and more, as well as recorded podcast episodes that dive deeper into the traditions.

We crafted a unique podcast that received play all around Brooklyn neighborhoods. Each audio event focused on a curated individual from within our coalition that had access to a national audience. Each activation has the opportunity to ask, "What is healing?" and offer subjects the chance to answer for themselves. Final episodes can be heard on

ALt's Partnership:

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We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to preserve, protect and perform folklore. Please join with us!

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