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Western Kentucky university

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The Lore:


 Music is deeply tied to Kentucky identity. While Eastern and Appalachian Kentucky musicians often claim national attention, South Central Kentucky has a rich musical legacy of its own.

Like music itself, this story continues to evolve. This exhibit represents a snapshot of South Central Kentucky’s musical magnitude, with the understanding that many voices are still missing and new ones are always emerging. 

The story of music in Bowling Green begins in informal settings, with musicians mastering their instruments at home. Through collaboration and support within close-knit communities, as well as influences from outside, the story expands in new directions.

​On a trip heading West, we stopped by our friends at Western Kentucky University. After talking, we discovered  that they needed help to develop and design a new digital exhibit about the rich musical history of the region. Now, with our web design help, we're working on an online showcase for some of the best music America has to offer! 

This digital exhibit has been curated by the Kentucky Folklife Program their musical partners, and ALT to provide a view into the Bowling Green music scene as living history. While exploring the site, we hope you will gain a fresh perspective and a deep appreciation for the sonic landscape that exists here in South Central Kentucky.

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